The Young Clone of Jesus

Giovanni Menicocci

The Young Clone of Jesus

Simone is an orphan with an unexplainable dream. In order to achieve this dream, he graduates college with honors in genetics, imagining the consequences of his success. He feels confident that he would surely win the Nobel Prize in Medicine, as no one before him had succeeded in the feat of creating a clone of Jesus. The first time he vocalized this idea, it sounded like a fantastical rant, even to him. But he began to repeat, in front of the mirror, “I am going to clone Jesus,” until he was convinced.

It was a plan that could not materialize without the cooperation of a woman to carry the embryo, so he involves Barbara, a student, and pretends to be a seminarian to enter the Turin Cathedral all in order to draw blood from the Shroud of Jesus. The process seems to be unfolding smoothly for the first embryo, with Barbara now passionate about Simon’s devotion to this magnificent goal. All goes according to plan, but what paternal conflicts may the young clone experience? What beliefs will he develop as an adult? Will he approve or condemn this grand action of his father’s? Born with the charisma of a leader, but contrary to his parents’ beliefs, he enlists in the army to seek his own adventure.

Genre: Novel
ISBN: 979-1281813038
222 pages
$ 18,00, paperbook
Translator: Jake Fraczek
On sale from July 2024

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