Scherana: The Secret History of the Esoteric Order

Scherana. Angel or demon. The secret history of the esoteric order

The Scherana is trained to think first in the interests of the Esoteric Order, but the love of an orphan will awaken in her the desire to be a mother, and to free herself from the control of the Masonic Congregation. Her hopes for an ordinary life are threatened by events thatshake the streets of Paris, as well as the lives of the Grand Masters of this Order. Forced to make a painful choice, she takes on the most dangerous mission of her life, knowing that she may never find redemption. Things seem to be governed by an ancestral force leading her to discover her origins while salvaging her emotions .

As Paris celebrates the approach of New Year’s Eve, it is rattled by a series of barbaric murders. The Esoteric Order has been struck with brutal force, and its arcane foundations, which date back to the time of Solomon, are about to crumble under the blows of centuries-old enemies.

A police investigation gets more complicated, with a trail of suspicious deaths making the city inhospitable to tourists. Commissioner Moreau seems to be in the dark. Behind the trafficking of archaeological artifacts are the unsuspected Counts of Gaillard, in search of the legendary scrolls of the Esoteric Order, which, according to ancient tradition, hide a secret of primordial importance. The Gaillards, aided by the criminal gang led by the Decker brothers, appear to have everything under control. But a mysterious force emerges from the shadows of the city that will illuminate the darkness and disrupt the lives of those involved.

Più grande è il mistero, più forte è il potere

Genre: Novel
ISBN: 979-1281813007
362 pages
$ 18,00, paperbook
Translator: Jake Fraczek
On sale from March 2024

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